Every year, we address several aspects of the Bioeconomy, including biofuel, biotechnology, and green chemistry. The impact of biofuels on greenhouse gases is subject to debate.


PangeaSeed ( is an international organization who collaborates with members of the art, science, and environmental activist communities. PangeaSeed is dedicated to raising public awareness and education surrounding the conservation and preservation of sharks and other marine species in peril.


April Print Release: "The Furthest Depths" by Dan Mumford

We are pleased announce the fourth print release of our 2015 fine-art print suite project, Tales from the Deep: Stories, Myths, and Monsters! This month, Dan Mumford's tribute to The Kraken is helping us save our seas through art & activism.

Thank You for Your Support! - 2014 in Review

All of us at PangeaSeed would like to thank you for all your support in 2014. Check out our review of the year and keep spreading the good word.

2015 Whale Shark Encounters

Secure your spot today! Join us for our 2015 whale shark tours to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, August 1-7.
It's an unforgettable experience!
Reserve now!

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans - Wynwood, Miami

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Tell NOAA to put an end to the Dusky Shark Decline!

Dusky sharks off the Atlantic coast are in trouble and need our help now.

Atlantic duskies have declined by up to 99 percent over the last 40 years as a result of overfishing and bycatch.

Recovery from a precipitous drop like that could take a century. But unless NOAA implements regulations now, duskies may never recover.

Tell NOAA to move forward with strong measures to end overfishing of dusky sharks before it’s too late.

Take a stance against the overfishing dusky sharks!

Sign and share the petition here:

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