John Mandelman

Dr. John Mandelman is the Vice President and Chief Scientist of the Anderson Cabot Center, which encompasses all the Institution’s solutions-driven scientific research, engagement, and conservation work. Dr. Mandelman has resided at the Aquarium in various capacities since 2001, while concurrently completing his doctoral work in Biology at Northeastern University in 2006. In collaboration with various colleagues around the globe, his research focuses on the physiological ecology and conservation physiology of marine fishes, with a specific focus on better understanding and mitigating the lethal and sublethal effects of human-induced disturbances on vulnerable and/or socioeconomically important species, particularly in the Gulf of Maine. All his work aims to generate best-practice mitigation strategies that directly aid or inform fisheries management processes and policies. In addition to his primary role at the New England Aquarium, Dr. Mandelman is Research Faculty at the University of Massachusetts Boston. There he advises several graduate students as part of the UMass Intercampus Marine Program and teaches courses in general ichthyology as well as the physiological ecology and conservation of fishes.