Founded in 2010, we are innovators in the ocean conservation movement, leveraging the influence of contemporary art and the power of creativity to solve urgent environmental threats.

Our work educates and inspires audiences globally, both coastal and landlocked, to join the movement to protect our planet and become active ocean stewards.

PangeaSeed is the only organization dedicated to producing art to restore the world’s oceans.


Our mission is to bridge art and science to advance ocean conservation. Leveraging art’s emotional impact and science’s evidence-based approach, we creatively communicate pressing ocean narratives. At this critical time, our work empowers people and communities globally to become stewards of our blue planet.

Why Bridge Art & Ocean Science

Understanding the fundamentals of ocean science is empowering. When people grasp the root causes of environmental issues, they are better equipped to advocate for meaningful solutions.

Empowered individuals and communities, armed with scientific knowledge, are instrumental in pushing forward policy changes and sustainable practices that drive the conservation movement and safeguard our oceans for generations to come.

However, science can be inherently complex, difficult to access, sometimes mistrusted, and challenging to translate across cultures and contexts.

Art is a powerful tool to bridge this knowledge gap because integrating the latest scientific findings and concepts into artistic creations can:

  • Make science relatable, memorable, and motivational by engaging viewers and eliciting emotions through storytelling.
  • Encourage hope and positivity about difficult realities, inspiring people to take action.
  • Provide a personal and human perspective on issues impacting the ocean and communities that builds connection, trust, and empathy with viewers.


We envision a world where art and science unite to protect our oceans and create a sustainable future for all.

“We will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.”

Baba Dioum



The issues affecting oceans are global in scale and we believe that radical collaboration is key to meeting these challenges head on. By uniting and amplifying creative voices from cross the planet, we have a unique opportunity to share culture, both past and present, learn from one another, and utilize those voices to bring about positive change. Together, we are an ocean.


Not only has the environmental movement been fraught with privilege, but environmental injustices and impacts have disproportionately affected Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC). We acknowledge that we cannot protect the environment without also protecting our people because social justice and environmental justice are inextricably linked.


Change happens in our communities, so building a strong sense of community and belonging is paramount to our global impact and reach. By creating a safe and inclusive space of diverse people, cultures, genders, and perspectives that make humanity so unique, we can better understand the opportunities and challenges that exist in preserving our oceans for future generations.


Work With Diverse Ocean Advocates

Everyone has a stake in the health of our oceans. Whether you’re a mission-aligned business, an active researcher, a conservation initiative, an inspired kid, or an empowered ocean advocate – we have created pathways to join forces and work together for a bluer future.

Facilitate Collaboration Between Artists and Scientists

We are developing the world’s first network of artists and marine scientists mutually passionate about protecting our oceans. For every single one of our art-based projects, we leverage this network to create a collaboration point, ensuring that our work is grounded in sound, data-driven, ocean science.

Produce Impactful Creative Work

We deliver purpose-driven work that addresses our four Priority Ocean Challenges. Our projects scale from fine art prints, large-scale public murals, experiential installations, sculptures, youth workshops, and beyond. We are always exploring new media to give the oceans a creative voice.