Adidas Run for the Oceans

2017United States

About the Project

For Adidas’ inaugural Run for the Oceans hosted on World Oceans Day 2017 in New York, we used live mural painting to help communicate the beauty and fragility of our oceans.

Two mobile murals were created by artists Georgia Hill and Aaron Glasson to help attendees visualize the issues, particularly plastic pollution, affecting our oceans. In addition, to celebrate the recently launched Adidas x Parley ocean plastic shoe, we incorporated the product colors into the artworks to create a cohesive visual experience.

PangeaSeed Foundation not only acted as a perfect partner, but they also served as a cultural catalyst for the activation. They were able to visually communicate our story through high caliber large-scale artwork that became the connective fabric of our launch. They brought expertise, voice, and vision to the project that went depths beyond conceived expectations. Their unique ability to connect a brand to environmental purpose through art is unmatched and unchallenged. It has been one of our agency’s highlights to have collaborated with PangeaSeed Foundation.

Galen McKamy, Match Marketing Group VP and Creative


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