Fenway Art Walk

2021United States

About the Project

In a mutually beneficial collaboration, PangeaSeed partnered with Samuels & Associates, a prominent Boston-based commercial real estate developer, to repurpose and showcase the captivating artwork of artist Yellena James.

Originally created for PangeaSeed’s Printed Oceans program, James’ intricate and vibrant artwork was licensed by Samuels & Associates and enlarged to adorn a building wrap on a Fenway Park property at 100 Van Ness owned by the client. This innovative initiative not only added aesthetic value to the development project but also provided a platform for supporting PangeaSeed’s mission of ocean conservation. By leveraging existing artwork, Samuels & Associates demonstrated a commitment to sustainable practices while simultaneously contributing to the promotion of art and environmental advocacy.

This installation forms part of S&A’s Fenway Art Walk project.


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