Salesforce @ Global Climate Action Summit

2018United States

About the Project

Coinciding with the Global Climate Action Summit in September 2018, PangeaSeed partnered with Salesforce to create a stunning visual representation of California’s kelp forest ecosystem.

Bay Area artist Lindsey Millikan brought this vision to life atop Salesforce Park over the course of several days, crafting a captivating split image. Beneath the waterline, vibrant marine life, including a majestic humpback whale, playful otters, schools of fish, and intricate invertebrates, populated the canvas, highlighting the biodiversity and vitality of the state’s coastal waters. Above, a moody sunset sky painted in pinks and purple tones provided a poignant juxtaposition, symbolizing both the beauty of nature and the looming threat of climate change.

Following its completion, the artwork found a new home at the Benioff Children’s Hospital, where it continues to serve as a powerful reminder of the urgent need for environmental conservation and action. This collaboration between PangeaSeed, Salesforce, and artist Lindsey Millikan not only showcased the beauty of California’s marine ecosystems but also underscored the role of art in raising awareness and inspiring positive change in the face of climate crisis. As part of the broader conversation at the Global Climate Action Summit, this project symbolized the collective commitment to protecting our planet’s natural wonders for future generations.”


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