Sea of Change Artivism Contest

Sea of Change Artivism Contest


About the Project

In a collaborative effort to harness the creative potential of young artists in addressing urgent marine environmental issues, Volcom and PangeaSeed launched a global call for submissions targeting artists aged 18-35.

With a focus on overfishing, plastic pollution, warming seas, ocean acidification, coastal development, and biodiversity loss, the initiative garnered an overwhelming response, with over 300 artists from 29 countries submitting inspiring artworks. Ten standout pieces were selected as winners, earning the opportunity to showcase their work at the Volcom Garden gallery in Austin, Texas.

In May 2018, the Volcom Garden gallery played host to a print retrospective, mural unveiling, and fundraiser, showcasing the winning artworks and providing a platform for dialogue on ocean conservation. Moreover, Volcom sponsored one of the winners to participate in a future Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans project, extending the reach and impact of the collaboration. The event not only celebrated the talent and dedication of the selected artists but also underscored the power of art as a tool for activism and environmental advocacy. Through this partnership, Volcom and PangeaSeed demonstrated their commitment to amplifying the voices of emerging artists and fostering a global community dedicated to protecting our oceans for generations to come.


Scraping the Barrel by Ruwangi Amarasinghe

Ruwangi Amarasinghe

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Find Home by Lindsay Carron

Lindsay Carron

Los Angeles, USA

Floating World by Nick Pedersen

Nick Pedersen

Salt Lake City, USA

I Am Global WarNing by Rebeka Skela

Rebeka Skela

New Orleans, USA

Artwork by Merick Cormier

Merick Cormier

Montreal, Canada

The Forsaken by Katie Green

Katie Green

Calgary, Canada

Lost by Jen La Vita

Jen LaVita

Los Angeles, USA

Artwork by Lily Mixe

Lily Mixe

Paris, France

People Suck by Whitman Lindstrom

Whitman Lindstrom

Los Angeles, USA

Artwork by Lex Zooz

Lex Zooz

Haapsalu, Estonia



We received over 300 artist submissions


The contestants represented 29 countries from across the globe


We counted 241 people in attendance at the opening event


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