Sodastream x PangeaSeed Collection

Sodastream Earth Month Collection

PangeaSeed x Sodastream Bottles in Boxes

About the Project

PangeaSeed collaborated with SodaStream in a meaningful partnership aimed at promoting sustainability and environmental awareness through art.

SodaStream engaged PangeaSeed to commission three talented artists—Hannah Eddy, It’s a Living, and Megan Pelto—to create custom designs for their limited edition 2020 Earth Month collection. These designs, all radiating positivity and environmental stewardship, were printed on SodaStream’s carbonating bottles, merging functionality with artistic expression. Beyond providing mission-aligned creative services, SodaStream demonstrated its commitment to ocean conservation by donating a portion of the sales from the Earth Month collection to PangeaSeed, further bolstering the organization’s impactful work. The bottles were made available online and at retailers nationwide, offering consumers an opportunity to support sustainable initiatives while enjoying eco-friendly hydration solutions.

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