Stasher Artivism Collection


PangeaSeed partnered with Stasher to launch the Artivism Collection, featuring a set of three sandwich bags in vibrant, ocean-themed color variations—Purple Wave, Blue Current, and Rainbow Splash.

In a commitment to sustainability and ocean conservation, Stasher pledged to donate proceeds from the collection to PangeaSeed, furthering the organization’s mission.

Additionally, Stasher commissioned artist Kelly Spencer to create a captivating custom illustration titled “Make A Wave of Change,” which not only served as the centerpiece of the marketing campaign but also as a stencil for individuals to decorate their own Stasher bags. With its reusable snack, sandwich, and storage bags made of silicone, Stasher exemplified its dedication to reducing single-use plastics while empowering consumers to join the movement towards a cleaner, healthier planet.


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