Cracked Ink

Simon Ormerod (Cracked Ink)


Originally from the UK, Simon Ormerod, known as Cracked Ink, has been a significant figure in the New Zealand street art scene for the past 15 years. His bold and eye-catching character-based art, whether displayed in galleries or as murals on the streets, is known for its quirky and dynamic aesthetic. Working primarily with aerosol paint, Cracked Ink thrives on spontaneity, exploring attitude and expression through his strikingly monochromatic compositions. His roots in graphic design are evident in the bold, dynamic nature of his work, which easily engages audiences and transforms mundane walls into vibrant worlds.

Cracked Ink’s journey began with a Bachelor of Graphic Design in the UK before his move to New Zealand, where he has continued to evolve his artistic practice. His work has been showcased in street art festivals and mural productions across Australasia, Canada, Asia, Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and the UK, as well as in various galleries worldwide. The process of creating his art is a continuous cycle of transformation, starting with a simple line and evolving into complex, temporary masterpieces that are eventually wiped clean, ready for a new creation to begin.