Taj Francis


Jamaican visual artist, Taj Francis, has a diverse interest of expression, mainly focused through illustration. As a graduate of the Edna Manley College of Visual Arts, with a major in illustration, he has worked on many projects ranging from design work to creative direction, while also being in several art exhibitions both locally and internationally. Being a multifaceted artist, his work is produced in several forms, such as: paintings, digital art, murals and video art or animation. Through this, his pieces explore the subtle nuances of human behavior and identity, specifically relating to African ancestry.

In it’s core understanding, Taj Francis work focuses around the nuances of human behavior, viewed through a Surreal lens of African ancestry and identity. His paintings and illustrations have a strong focus around nature, ethereal elements, and technology that help form the visual language of many of his artworks. The juxtaposition of these aspects acts as the vehicle to carry the particular message of subtle human experiences, in an almost dream-like form.