Zabou is a London-based French artist, specialising in large-scale realistic murals.

Born in France, Zabou dedicated much of her childhood to drawing and painting. After moving to the United Kingdom for her studies, she began painting in the streets in 2012. Each year she participates in urban arts festivals and projects, having completed more than 250 murals across 23 countries worldwide, spanning from Indonesia to the USA and throughout Europe.

Zabou takes photographs of her subjects, focusing on their expressions and emotions. Working with spray paint, she transforms them into striking large-scale black and white portraits, often set against vibrant backgrounds. Interested in narratives, she finds inspiration in the everyday life as well as in the history of where she paints. Her artistic world revolves around both contemporary and universal topics, exploring the essence of humanity and beyond.

In addition to her murals, Zabou also dedicates time to exploring her studio practice. She has showcased her work in both France and the UK, including multiple exhibitions held at Saatchi Gallery in London. In March 2022, the gallery presented ‘In Their Eyes’, the artist’s first solo exhibition.