Tre’ Packard

Tré Packard is an internationally renowned public art curator and award-winning environmental photographer marrying both art and activism to cultivate a new era in marine conservation. As a passionate conservationist, Tre' has traveled throughout Asia documenting some of the most remote locations bringing to light never before documented fisheries contributing to the destruction of ocean ecosystems and the often illegal trade of threatened marine life.

He is the creator of the Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans public art program which has curated over 450 environmental ocean-themed public artworks in 18 countries since 2014. In addition, Tré is a lifelong scuba diver and PADI Dive Ambassador.

Akira Biondo

Akira, originally from Switzerland, is the Director of Operations at PangeaSeed Foundation and a co-founder of the Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans program. Her passion for the environment stems from her extensive travels across the globe and experiencing first-hand humanity's impact on the planet. With a background in Sustainability Studies and Cultural Anthropology, she believes that protecting our home planet for future generations requires an interdisciplinary approach that includes the arts, creative problem-thinking, and the voices of all people.

Kyla Van Maanen

Kyla is the Program Manager for Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans at PangeaSeed Foundation. Early in her career, Kyla worked in art galleries and artist studios, but motivated by the urgency of the climate crisis, she switched gears to pursue a Master's degree in Marine Biology and work in ocean research and conservation. Kyla is passionate about the unique value of art to communicate climate science, build partnerships and community, and inspire meaningful ocean conservation around the world.

Cinzah Merkens

Cinzah has been a supporting artist for PangeaSeed since 2011. He has taken on the role of Project Coordinator in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, working with the community to help bring Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans into fruition locally. Cinzah is also the founder of AAI (The Alternative Arts Initiative), a creative arts company which acts as an extension of his own art practice to collaborate with like-minded creatives, produce innovative work and events with an arts, culture, and sustainability focus.

Yoshi Yanagita

Hailing from Japan, Yoshi is an accomplished visual storyteller. With an expertise in documenting street art across the globe, Yoshi has been part of PangeaSeed Foundation’s Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans team since 2016. He utilizes photography and filmmaking to capture the constantly evolving world of public art and the extraordinarily talented artists behind these larger-than-life works of art.