Bluehouse Salmon x PangeaSeed

Bluehouse Salmon world oceans week

2021United States

Illustration by Megan Pelto

Illustration by Wooden Wave

Illustration by Lena Tokens

About the Project

We embarked on a unique collaboration with Bluehouse Salmon, commissioning three talented artists to create custom illustrations aligned with the company’s mission of promoting sustainable seafood practices.

Tasked with visualizing the benefits of land-raised fish in reducing pressure on wild ecosystems, Wooden Wave, Megan Pelto, and Lena Vargas brought their unique styles and perspectives to the project. These captivating illustrations served as focal points for Bluehouse Salmon’s social media campaign during World Oceans Week 2021, engaging audiences and highlighting the crucial role that responsible aquaculture plays in safeguarding our oceans. Through this partnership, PangeaSeed and Bluehouse Salmon demonstrated a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and the preservation of marine ecosystems for future generations.


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