Corona Sunsets San Pancho


About the Project

In a vibrant collaboration with Corona at the scenic backdrop of Sayulita, Mexico, PangeaSeed embarked on a project during the Corona Sunsets Festival, uniting artists Hilda Palafox (aka Poni) from Mexico and Emily Devers from Australia.

Amidst the rhythm and energy of the festival, the artists adorned temporary murals on canvas, infusing the event with their distinctive styles and a shared message of oceanic love and concern. These artworks served as poignant reflections of the bond between humanity, Corona, and the oceans, while also shedding light on the pressing issue of plastic pollution and its threat to marine ecosystems.

Through art and celebration, the collaboration echoed the commitment to safeguarding our seas for generations to come, encapsulating the spirit of environmental stewardship intertwined with cultural expression.


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