Emily Devers

Emily Devers


Emily Devers is a Meanjin (Brisbane) based multidisciplinary artist, designer and gallery owner.

Her practice sees the convergence of realism and abstraction, as she uses contemporary painting and collage techniques to challenge depth on two-dimensional surfaces.

Through her multimedia works, Emily carefully examines and expresses the tensions that occur when activating analogue practices within the digital age. She employs a combination of highly rendered imagery (both painted and AI-generated) with gestural mark-making – mirroring the inner tensions she experiences, balancing multiple creative outputs across the graphic design and fine art realms.

Emily has maintained a public art and graphic design practice for over 14 years, participated in multiple national and international residency projects, and continues to support emerging artists by facilitating regular skills-building and mentorship engagements in Brisbane and beyond.

She holds a Certificate IV in Visual Arts, a Bachelor in Fine Art (Visual Arts) and is currently undertaking research around the signifiers of public art, humans’ subtle experiences (private) of urban and digital (public) environments, and how these can be configured to perform in a gallery context (Master of Visual Art at Griffith University).