“All that we do is touched with ocean, and yet we remain on the shore of what we know”.  – Richard Wilbur

For the past several years, PangeaSeed members and supporting artists have been creating ocean inspired artwork on several levels: both fine art and street art.  One of our favorite methods of bringing the oceans to life is through collaborative mural projects on a global level.

With Sea Walls, the mission is simple: By collaborating with a global alliance of incredibly talented artists, we aim to bring the oceans to inner cities around the world.

Wether it’s embellishing the side of a building in the Los Angeles metropolis with a giant Megalodon or drawing comparisons to coastal degradation and offshore drilling on a quaint seaside shanty in a bustling Sri Lanka fishing village, the Sea Walls project speaks volumes – both in scale, location and imagination.  Incorporating inspirational and educational messages, our murals bring the oceans to life in many areas where people do not have an intimate connection with the seas.

That being considered, via the Sea Walls project, we aim to reconnect inner city residents with the beauty and plight facing our oceans, while at the same time, making the connection that all drains lead to the oceans and our daily consumption choices and lifestyle habits have a direct effect on our planet’s most important ecosystem – the ocean.

PangeaSeed and PangeaSeed supporting artists will continue creating ocean-themed murals each focusing on marine species and/or habitats in peril.  Follow the action via our website and social media pages.

For anyone interested in creating a “Sea Wall” for your community, please contact us to make possible arrangements.